12/7/17 Northern New Jersey Mastermind Group Meeting

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“The Resurgence of Newark: “A City We Can All Believe In.”

That’s how this month’s guest speaker Jesse Luis began his presentation to the members of the Northern New Jersey Mastermind Group. As senior vice president of real estate development for the Newark CEDC (Community Economic Development Corp.), he provided an illustrated summary of the multi-faceted and exciting rebirth of the City of Newark. The city is fast becoming a center for growth in many areas – from business, industry, retail, and transit to education, entertainment, tourism, and more. Billions of dollars have been invested in new construction and infrastructure throughout the city, as well as in creating more open spaces and community development. As a result, more people are moving in to Newark’s new residential units and filling new jobs offered by major businesses are filling its new office spaces. And, the city is becoming a destination for top entertainment, dining and retail.

Another highpoint of the day was the Member Spotlight presented by Mark Scott, founder and CEO of Commercial Mortgage Capital Corp. Mark established his company as a one-man operation in 1996, building on his experience and long relationships in the banking industry. He attributes his success to those relationships, as well as a strong attention to detail and a goal to produce the best results for everyone involved. That’s what sets his business apart.