2/1/18 Northern New Jersey Mastermind Group Meeting

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From Drone Technology to a Hot Industrial Market, the February Meeting Was a Lively Event.

Members of the Northern New Jersey RPN Mastermind Group opened a promising year with several members seeing new business opportunities already surfacing as it kicked off its first roundtable meeting of 2018. Scott Perkins and Gregory James tag-teamed a presentation on NAI James E. Hanson’s role in the Industrial Market of Northern New Jersey. Greg reviewed three portfolios that illuminated current industrial activities encompassing over 3.2M SF of space earmarked for institutional industrial companies. Two of the three portfolios sold for more than 221M, while the third portfolio is being marketed. Scott followed up with a presentation on the top firms competing for business in these three areas. The presentation demonstrated how this member company works with many others to stimulate business and the economy in one of the many markets it serves.

Greg Gloor, Dresdner Robin’s director of survey technology, demonstrated how the company is using drones and laser technology to up its game as it surveys land sites and buildings (both inside and out) for its clients. The results are comprehensive images incorporated in CAD designs and site planning, delivered to provide clients with a realistic preview of projects.