7/19/17 New York City Mastermind Group Meeting

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NYC Community Involvement Focuses on Brooklyn’s Red Hook Neighborhood

The NYC RPN Mastermind Group had an opportunity learn about one of the city’s most successful grass roots community initiatives. We know it often “takes a village” and much individual and community involvement to affect change in a city’s most challenging neighborhoods. The work of the Red Hook Initiative and its 15-year operation is a great example of how a small health education program can grow to affect the lives and futures of its residents. Jill Eisenhard, founder and executive director of the Red Hook Initiative, was this month’s guest speaker. She engaged RPN members in the progress her organization has made over its 15-year history of operations. What began as an adjunct health initiative by a local Brooklyn hospital has grown into a multimillion dollar 501(c)3 organization that is changing the lives of the current generation of young people in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. Along the way, residents and local businesses are changing a neighborhood and providing new opportunities.

Guest Sam Suzuki of Suzuki Capital LLC was also on hand to provide an overview of the rental residential markets in Dallas and New York City.