About REAL Professionals

REAL Professionals is a series of invitation only multi-discipline Mastermind Groups for senior level commercial real estate professionals. Leading commercial real estate attorneys host and lead the groups. REAL Professionals is currently in 12 cities across the country. The business is actively expanding into new major business markets. During the past few years, REAL Professionals has documented the exchange of over 30,000 intelligence items, created over 10,000 unique business connections and accelerated well in excess of $1 billion in transactions as a result of discussions started in its Mastermind meetings.

In response to the slow down created by the Great Recession, REAL Professionals was founded in 2009 by Rick Lackey together with a group of senior level independent commercial real estate brokers. As a result of REAL Professionals’ success in creating early stage pipeline, the groups expanded very quickly to include all disciplines in the real estate and development industry. In 2013, REAL Professionals recruited Michael Podrazhansky to join the leadership team. Under Podrazhansky‚Äôs strategic guidance the company has substantially improved operations and continues to actively expand.

Mission Statement: REAL Professionals provides value to its Members by helping them expand relationships that lead to new business opportunities by:

  1. Getting the right people to attend meetings and conduct serious business discussions.
  2. Professionally producing meetings that stimulate new ideas, sharpen awareness to senior level intelligence and improve the influence and reach of mmembers.
  3. Capturing the information discussed in the meetings then purposing the information back to the members in actionable ways using technology to improve follow-up and accelerate deal discussion.

The exchange of insider knowledge and actionable business opportunities is the lifeblood of the real estate and development industry. REAL Professionals provides an effecient, accountable and measurable method of interaction and exchange of senior level insider information through structured Mastermind meetings. REAL Professionals is a one-of-a-kind private network of experienced real estate and development professionals that are transforming the way the real estate and development industry does business. By leveraging the collective experience and relationships of our Members, REAL Professionals helps strengthen relationships, improve credibility and actively build trust between its Members resulting in the acceleration of new business pipelines.