About Mastermind Groups

Napoleon Hill defined the mastermind group principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

REAL Professionals is a series of invitation only Mastermind Groups for senior level real estate and development professionals. Each group is composed of no more than 20 complementary, cross-discipline, noncompetitive company Members with up to 5 representatives from each company.

Each new REAL Professionals Mastermind Group begins with three to five Founding Members that nominate their complementary longtime business friends to become new Members. New Members are requested to do the same until the group reaches 20 companies. Membership requirements are a 1 year membership, commitment to attend each monthly meeting, share good business intelligence, ask for connections, follow up and exercise important business relationships to the benefit of the group by inviting guests, suggesting speakers and nominating new Members.

In each business community, REAL Professionals operates one monthly Mastermind Group meeting of generally 12 to 18 noncompetitive professionals that discuss current deals, terms, conditions, and collaborative opportunities resulting in the exchange of millions of dollars in actionable new business opportunities. Each meeting is facilitated by a leading commercial real estate attorney and recorded into minutes by a professional business writer. Minutes are distributed to all Members and guests in a timely manner following the meeting. Additional follow-up communications are coordinated by REAL Professionals to help accelerate follow through and accountability.